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10 Best Cross Wallet and For Women & Men gifts for all occasions and under $100

Gifts are a social lubricant. Wallet gifts are purchased for every occasion or none at all. Whether it is a birthday, house warming, welcome to the team party, you cannot land up empty-handed.

Even a gift from an acquaintance or stranger, a gift just to show thought or thank you is always appreciated. Hence, the constant search for a good gift is always on.

Another thing about gifts is that it can’t be too personal if you are giving it to someone relatively not known. Therefore, the catch 22.

Don’t worry. We have a solution for you! And the recommendations that we are about to make are usually under $100.

What are these gift suggestions that we are taking about? Wallets. Not just any mens or ladies wallet, but pure Italian leather handcrafted to perfection. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s get right into it.

Firstly decision you can make it whether you want it to be gender specific or not. Kaizer has a range of wallets that are unisex. Once you’ve decided, here’s how your line of thought could go.

1. Wallets For Women

  1. Minimalistic Wallet – Even when buying for a woman, a ladies purse or wallet doesn’t necessarily have to be colourful. It could, if that’s your personal preference or if you think that the other person enjoys a splash of colour.We can discuss those options further down the post.Getting back to the minimalistic women’s wallet. There is the classic range of browns and blacks that are just stunning and go with every dress day.
  2. Colours – You will be surprised at how much leather has evolved. It is now possible to treat leather, and that too vegetable leather, in every imaginable colour. Therefore, you can find a suitable wallet in a variety of colours and many a times even in a combination of colours.
  3. Mens Wallet – The long wallet is a very typical design meant mostly for women. We’re being specific here because this style is usually paired and goes into a larger ladies handbag or purse.
  4. Cross Wallet – The small leather wallet for women is usually half the size of the the long wallet. It has the requisite credit card slots and everything. These could also have a clasp to secure the wallet to enhance the design of the wallet itself.
  5. Textures – Leather wallet is now available in a variety of textures. A quick tip here – if yo are purchasing a women’s leather wallet or purse made with python leather, please ensure that you also get a certificate for it being ethically sourced. Kaizer’s Melange collection uses Python leather (certificate included) and is available in three colours.
  6. Shapes – Ladies wallets allow for a lot of room to play not only with colours but also style or design, shapes and definitely textures. For example, the Allure collection from Kaizer has a fun take on the triangular shape. Furthermore, they also are happy to customise the colours that you would like to combine to make the bag even more to your personal preference.

2. Mens wallet

  1. Minimalistic Wallet – Men’s wallets are usually minimalistic. You will find the classic browns and blacks, that are stunning by the way and you will be surprised at the variations that men’s wallets can adopt with just the basics.
  2. Size – Mens wallets are now experimenting a lot with shape and size. Men’s clutches are becoming a fast favourite in men’s accessories. Even mens leather wallets that earlier used to follow a standard size, are using the vertical format, for instance, in their design.
  3. Card Holder Wallet – The way we transact has changed and continues to do so. Paper money is becoming redundant. Plastic cards are taking centre stage which further is being threatened by the use of digital wallets.However, a lot of access cards and ID’s still remain crucial to carry, hence keeping the need to carry a card holder (if not a wallet) going.
  4. Textures – What men’s wallets don’t do with colour, they make up for in texture. Our favourite is the Croco collection from Kaizer. It has such a full bodied look that immediately makes even the smallest accessory look stunning.Then there are the classic looks – matte and glossy. You will be surprised how gorgeous a simple black wallet in the glossy finish with tone on tone stitching and just a logo can look.
  5. Colours – Like we’ve mentioned before, men’s wallets don’t suavely stray away from the earthy tones.

The younger generation however are willing to accept a play of colours. Hence, the addition of the powder blue, grey and a combination of colours are becoming increasingly popular. If you haven’t already checked out Kaizer’s Adroit collection, we strongly recommend that you do so at your earliest convenience!

For more gift ideas stay tuned to this space. Ur recommendations in this piece can be found on Happy gift shopping!

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